We are seeing a proliferation of gluten-free products in supermarkets, but most of us are clueless as to why these options have suddenly become an essential component of the food industry’s marketing strategy.

It is not just Celiac Disease, but 30-40% of the population have some level of sensitivity to gluten. If you want to fight aging, cut gluten. Less gluten means less inflammation, less weight gain, and reduced levels of digestive dysfunction. Most importantly, the lining of the gut is permeable to gluten components, and this is associated with a number of chronic illnesses.

However, this is not to say that these alternatives are any better. The fact is, most products advertised as gluten-free are not really that good for you. While they do eliminate gluten, which is one nutrient making many people sick, they do not eliminate all the refined carbohydrates that are contributing to oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. In fact, you are more likely to see added sugar and refined flour to improve taste and texture in the absence of gluten.

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